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Check how you can support the implementation of our projects, and in such a way to change the world a little bit!

ilustracja kobiety z konewką i ogromnego serca, które wyrasta z doniczki

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Make a donation to us for the STATUTORY PURPOSES (OBJECTIVES).
Bank account number: BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
89 1750 0012 0000 0000 3073 6249

Fundacja Laboratorium Zmiany

ul. Jana Sobieskiego 15
46-081 Dobrzeń Wielki

Support regularly!

The regular payments are a special support for us. Thanks to them, we can plan our activities, invite girls, boys, women and men to workshops, games or training. The regular payments are an “investment” in a life full of courage for each of our participants!

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ilustracja kobiety i mężczyzny witających się uściskiem dłoni

Join us!

Become our volunteer! Let’s find ways to create partnerships and a world that is friendly to both women and men together! We will co-organize events, create promotional texts and materials, prepare and test games on various topics, including gender equality.

Do you want to change the world? Write to us!

Make a donation on Facebook

Make it on our profile or organize a birthday fundraiser. Make the world better together with your friends! We will use the donated money to organize workshops, games or trainings that give courage and bravery to many people.

ilustracja kobiety, której zegarek łączy się z innymi mobilnymi urządzeniami
Our work is a continuous process. For several years, we have been supporting girls and women from the Opole region on their way to life and decision-making. In harmony with yourself.
During projects we always meet new girls who need our support on their way to the dream career or making their dreams come true.
"You are not suitable enough" - the girls have heard this phrase more than once. During assertiveness workshops and anti-discrimination classes, we research how true these words are.
We need your support to keep supporting them to feel brave enough to act and to encourage them to do what they want. Find out what you can help these girls and women!
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