Let’s get to know each other

What does the Laboratorium Zmiany team do?

Since 2015, we have been working on the Laboratorium Zmiany Foundation. Our team has several hundred hours of different workshops behind us, during which we help women to take care of themselves: in life, in relationships and at work.

We learn, support, experiment, look for solutions, and give space for freedom!

We want to share our knowledge and experience with you gained during our own practice and participating in many specialized training and courses. Get to know us and check how we can help you.

This is us behind the Laboratory!

The projects we implement are the work of specific people. Meet the Foundation’s management board as well as members and associates.
Without them, there wouldn’t be any changes!


Marta Zdybek


Karolina Pisz


Magdalena Kurowska


Members and associates

Whom do we support?

Our activities are targeted at individuals who want changes, but also at specific social groups. Have a look!

ilustracja kobiety, która trzyma w rękach bardzo duży megafon


ilustracja AB - wspólne czytanie książki


ilustracja książek na ekranie laptopa

non-governmental organizations

ilustracja uczelni

schools, universities

How do we support?

We conduct workshops, trainings, organize meetings, and share our knowledge and experience. We are a group of women who support each other and create space to work on important topics.

We broaden our horizons and develop social skills by creating educational and training games and conducting public workshops as well as writing helpful and developing e-books.

We care about dialogue and building a community around important local issues. For that reason we organize anti-conference and networking meetings.

Statutory documentation

It is our duty to publish documents regulating our goals and work, so we invite everyone to read the statute of our Foundation!